Anatomy Gifts Registry:

7522 Connelley Dr., Suite M

Hanover, Maryland 21076

Toll Free: 800-300-5433

Phone: 410-863-0491

Fax: 410-863-0497


Determine the state of the body:


Acceptance Criteria for Anatomy Gifts Registry:








Procedures for Anatomy Gifts


  1. Anatomy Gifts Registry will call us with a first call and we can also make an after-death referral to them. If they call us, they have already screened the body and accepted. If we are making a referral, we will need to screen the body and then make the referral to AGR. They will contact the family and make the decision for acceptance. They will collect all DC info and fax it over to us along with how many DCs the family wants.
  2. Once the first call is taken and entered in SRS, create a pick up notice and send over, along with the first call sheet to Dispatch at If the driver arrives to where the decedent is located and finds that the decedent is decomposing and/or possibly unsuitable for donation for any reason, please call Dispatch and Anatomy Gifts Registry ASAP!
  3. Keep the decedent in refrigeration until the scheduled flight. We DO NOT embalm for the flight!
  4. Send over a Prep for Service to informing them of the flight TBD. Tell them not to embalm and to double bag the decedent per the airlines’ guidelines. Ask them to place the decedent in a combo unit for flight and inform them that you will send over the flight information once you have received the Burial Transit Permit and have the flight booked. Prep is to pack the decedent with gel packs for the flight. Include an extra copy of the Burial Transit Permit in the combo unit.
  5. Enter vitals in TER and print a Facts of Death Verification Form by clicking on the Informant Verification icon at the top of the TER webpage.
  6. Obtain the Burial Transit Permit from the appropriate county clerk in which the death occurred by faxing over a Fax Cover Sheet requesting a Burial Transit Permit for Removal from State and a Facts of Death Verification Form. If the county is Harris County or City of Houston, you must send a driver in person to obtain the permit. They do not accept faxed requests. The appropriate registrar needs to be designated in order for them to generate it and the type of disposition must be checked as “Removal from State”.  Place of Disposition for this transit permit is Anatomy Gifts Registry in Hanover, MD.
  7. Book a non-stop flight- first out if possible- into Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI). We book directly with Southwest Airlines- (888) 922-9525. Use our shipper ID #54678. Anatomy Gifts Registry is a known shipper with Southwest Airlines. DO NOT USE EAGLES WINGS! Once the flight is booked, go to and enter the tracking # in the Tracking # box on the left-hand side of the page. This will generate a confirmation of the flight booked with all of the flight information. This is the Southwest Airlines Tracking Sheet. Print this document out. In SRS, under Printed Materials, click on the Shipping Tab. Type in shipper information (Carnes FH) and Receiver information (Anatomy Gifts Registry). Type the confirmation # that Southwest gives you as both Confirmation # and Airbill #. Fill out the flight # and itinerary in the following blanks. Print out the Shipping Info document by clicking the printer icon at the bottom of the screen. This cover page accompanies the Burial Transit Permit and the Southwest Airlines Tracking Sheet. Scan these documents into SRS and call it “Flight Info”. Email this to Dispatch, Prep, and all Funeral Directors. Fax this packet to AGR at 410-863-0497 and call AGR to confirm they got the flight information and itinerary at 800-300-5433! We must confirm that all parties involved are aware of the flight.
  8. Designate the doctor to sign in TER. Call the doctor to inform them they have been designated to sign.
  9. Once signed, order the number of death certificates the family wishes including 1 certified copy for AGR. Once they come in, mail the 1 certified copy of the DC to AGR and the rest to the Next of Kin.
  10. Invoice Anatomy Gifts Registry by faxing or emailing the invoice.



To Invoice:

The referral fee for Anatomy Gifts Registry is $550. This includes the removal, holding of the decedent until flight arrangements have been made, transportation to the airport, and filing the death certificate. We charge $21 for the first copy of the DC and $4 for each additional certified copy to AGR. Each invoice will be a little different depending on how many death certificates the family wants. Fax the invoice to Anatomy Gifts Registry at 410-863-0497 or email it to