Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science at Sam Houston State University (Body Farm):

College of Criminal Justice

Sam Houston State University

Box 2296

Huntsville, TX 77341

Phone: 936-294-2310

Fax: 936-294-2311


Determine the state of the body:


Acceptance Criteria for MedCure:


á      STAFS doesnŐt prohibit an individual from participating in organ donation. Organs and Tissue can be harvested


Procedures for United Tissue Network


  1. STAFS will call us with a first call and we can also make an after-death referral to them. If they call us, they have already screened the body and accepted. If we are making a referral, we will need to screen the body and then make the referral to UTN. The family should not call! United Tissue Network will contact the family and conduct a medical history and social history interview with the Next of Kin and will make the decision for acceptance. STAFS will call us with their decision for acceptance.  The family is responsible for the first call and removal fee of $325. STAFS does not pay this to Carnes. We must obtain payment at time of call and removal.
  2. Once the first call is taken and entered in SRS, create a pick up notice and send over, along with the first call sheet to Dispatch at If the driver arrives to where the decedent is located and finds that the decedent is decomposing and/or possibly unsuitable for donation for any reason, please call Dispatch and STAFS ASAP!
  3. Keep the decedent in refrigeration until the scheduled transport. We DO NOT embalm!
  4. STAFS obtains vitals from the family and files the death record with the State.
  5. STAFS will contact Carnes to make arrangements for sending a driver to make the removal from Carnes and transport to their facility in Huntsville.