The Willed Body Program at Baylor College of Medicine:

One Baylor Plaza, BCM130

Houston, TX 77030

Phone: 713-798-3858

Fax: 713-790-0545

Senior Administrative Coordinator: Caroline Kosnik

Assistant Professor: Gregory Duncan 713-798-4960

Head Division of Anatomical Sciences: Dr. Frank Kretzer, Ph. D

For questions About a Donor: Leon 713-798-4960; Cell: 281-236-9966


Determine the state of the body:


Acceptance Criteria for The Willed Body Program at Baylor College of Medicine:

-       5’ male (150 lb.)/ 6’ (225 lb.)

-       5’ female (150 lb.)/ 6’ (190 lb.)

Š      No bodies refrigerated over 2 weeks

Š      No bodies from which organs (including corneas) have been donated (Lions Eye Bank, LifeGift, etc.)

Š      No bodies from Harris County Morgue unless pre-willed and no autopsy has been performed





































Procedures for The Willed Body Program

at Baylor College of Medicine


1.     A hospice nurse, hospital nurse, police officer, or family member will call us with the first call. Determine if the decedent meets criteria for acceptance. Confirm that the donor is on the Baylor List and has been for at least 6 months. If there are any hesitations or questions about the acceptance criteria and determining if the donor is a suitable candidate for donation, please call Leon or Caroline immediately. They will help you determine if the donor is suitable.

  1. If the donor meets criteria, take the first call and enter in SRS. Create a pick up notice and send over, along with the first call sheet to Dispatch at If the driver arrives to where the decedent is located and finds that the decedent is decomposing and/or possibly unsuitable for donation for any reason, please call Dispatch and Leon or Caroline at Baylor immediately! The driver is NOT to make the removal if the body is unsuitable for donation. If the body meets criteria, the driver is to make the removal and deliver the decedent to Baylor immediately. We DO NOT embalm for Baylor!
  2. Baylor College of Medicine will pay mileage up to 125 miles radius of Houston. The family will have to pay the mileage fee over 125 miles at the rate of $2.50/ per loaded mile.
  3. Contact the Next of Kin to obtain the vitals for the death certificate. Enter vitals in TER and print a Facts of Death Verification Form by clicking on the Informant Verification icon at the top of the TER webpage. Save a copy of the form to the decedent’s file in the S: Drive and in SRS. Email, fax, or mail the Facts of Death to the Next of Kin to proof. Place of Disposition for this death certificate is Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX.
  4. Email the Facts of Death Verification Form, BOTH Baylor forms for the consent to the donation and instructions for the return of the cremated remains, death certificate request form, and credit card authorization form to the Next of Kin.
  5. The cost of the death certificates to the Baylor families is $25 for the first copy and $15 for each additional certified copy. There is a fee for the return of the cremains of $165 made payable to Baylor College of Medicine.
  6. Designate the doctor to sign in TER once you have confirmation that all vitals are correct by clicking the Designate Medical Certifier icon at the top of the TER webpage. Choose the appropriate drop down for type of certifier and designate either Physician, Justice of the Peace, or Medical Examiner. Search for the doctor and designate. Call the doctor to inform them that they have been designated to sign.
  7. Once signed, order the number of death certificates the family wishes including 1 certified copy for Baylor. Once they come in, mail the 1 certified copy of the DC to Baylor and the rest to the Next of Kin.
  8. Scott handles the billing for Baylor College of Medicine.