Galveston County Medical Examiner (GCME)/Brazoria County Medical Examiner (BCME) Procedures:

1)    The medical examiner will call with the first call. An indication that this is a GCME or BCME first call is that the caller usually will say “This is (Name) and I need a body car”.

2)    A lot of times, the caller does not have much information, only an address of where the body is located. They will sometimes indicate if person is overweight or decomp.

3)    Enter the information in SRS and generate a new case number. The Client Type for this is “Transport (T/C) Galveston Co.” or “Transport (T/C) Brazoria Co.” and the Case Origination is “Galveston Co.” or “Brazoria Co.” Print a First Call Sheet (Printed Materials, Client Forms, First Call Sheet).

4)    Create a Pick Up Notice (S: drive, Forms- Carnes, Pick Up Notice). Fill out the information and include the caller’s name and number. Sometimes they will give you an officer’s name and number to call with an ETA.

5)    Email the Pick Up Notice and First Call Sheet to Dispatch at Call to confirm receipt with Dispatch.

6)    The call must be dispatched immediately, and if a residence, two drivers must be dispatched for the removal. Always call with an ETA!

7)    Scott handles the invoicing for this contract.