Procedures for Inman Cremations:

1)    A representative from Inman Shipping Worldwide will call with the first call. Take the first call and get as much information as possible (sometimes Inman does not have any information because they have not received vitals from receiver). They will send an email to Dispatch with their Inman Shipping Worldwide Face-Sheet that has decedent name, Next of Kin, Agent Information (Carnes) and Receiver information. Call the place of death (hospital, nursing home, hospice-inpatient facility, medical examiner, etc.) to verify decedent is ready for release and gather more vitals for the first call. If at the medical examiner, Inman has on file the release form for the Next of Kin to sign. They will send that to the receiver to get signed. Once signed, they will send it over to us and we can make the removal. Create an SRS case and enter vitals and information in the file. Print the First Call Sheet.

2)    The Inman Shipping Worldwide Face-Sheet is your OFH Transit Form. This form is taped to the left side of the purple folder inside. Make a label for the folder. (Ex: OFH16-123456 Last Name, First Name)

3)    Create a pick up notice and email over, along with the First Call Sheet to Dispatch ( and ask the driver to get face sheet if from hospice or hospital (sometimes this will have more info than the OFH has like SSN, home address, NOK info, doc info, time of death information, etc.)

4)    Inman Shipping Worldwide has our Cremation Authorization Forms on file and will send the paperwork and vitals sheet to the receiving funeral home so that the Next of Kin can sign. They will send everything over once it has been signed.

5)    Start the death record in TER. Enter the name of the receiving funeral home in box 24 for Additional Funeral Service Provider. Inman Shipping Worldwide does not go on the death certificate. The type of disposition is CREMATION and the Place of Disposition is CREMATE TEXAS in SOUTH HOUSTON, TX. 

6)    Print the Informant Verification (Facts of Death Verification or FODV) and email to the Inman to to proof. Inman will send a signed FODV and DC request form when it is verified and they will let you know if you will be mailing the Death Certificates and cremains to the receiver or to the Informant.

7)    Once the vitals are confirmed correct, designate the medical certifier in TER.

8)    Once the death certificate is certified, we can order the death certificates and print the cremation permit (Burial Transit Permit). Remember to click on the Demographic Verification after the DCOA application is complete. This sends the death record out of our queue to the local registrar for filing. Print the Burial Transit Permit from TER for Cremation, if cause of death is Natural.

9)    If the death certificate is pending by a medical examiner or JP, we will need to fax a request for Authorization to Cremate Letter signed by the medical examiner or Judge to allow us to cremate. Once we have the Authorization to Cremate Letter, we can fax that along with a written request to the registrar of the county where the death occurred for the Cremation Permit. We have to send a driver directly to the registrar if Harris County or City of Houston.

10) Once we have both the Authorization to Cremate and the Cremation Burial Transit Permit, we can order the cremation. Fill out and print a Cremation Order Form for an adult (S: drive, Forms- South Houston, Cremation Authorization -Adult). Email the Cremation Order Form, signed and completed Carnes Cremation Authorization forms, Cremation Permit, and Authorization to Cremate Letter (if applicable) to Cremate Texas at Confirm receipt of the paperwork.

11) Inform Inman that we have ordered the cremation and depending on the number of decedents ahead of this order, we will have the cremains returned within 48-72 hours.

12) Once we receive the cremains and death certificates, mail the death certificates and cremains to the receiving funeral home or person indicated on the cremation authorization. Call the receiver to confirm the address where we are mailing to. If we are not mailing, we can release to the designated person indicated on the cremation authorization forms. If we are mailing the death certificates separately, we always mail certified.

13) Invoice Inman Shipping Worldwide by emailing the invoice to

To Invoice per our contract with Inman Shipping Worldwide:

Inman Cremation Removal: $175.00

Preparation & Paperwork: $110.00

Crematory Charge: $175.00

Fiberboard Container: $15.00

Authority to Cremate Letter from Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences (HCIFS): $25

Death Certificates: $21 for first copy and $4 for each additional certified copy; Pending Cause: $21

Certified Mail Fee: $10

Mailing of Cremated Remains in black temporary container: $75.00

Additional Mileage Fee: $1.75/per loaded mile outside of our 75-mile radius