Video Memorials

Video Memorials

Honor, remember and affirm the life that has been lived. Using snapshots or album photographs from the loved one’s lifetime creates a level of personalization never seen before in funeral service. This unique video format visually blends photographs, which span the life of the deceased, accompanied by beautiful background music.

Family photographs take on a whole new meaning when they are creatively blended with video and music. The Video Memorial Tribute Program enhances any funeral observance and helps create a new ritual, because in a fresh way, it honors, remembers and affirms the life of one who has died. The Tribute Program is truly a Celebration of Life and makes the funeral service more meaningful for the family.

Simply provide the photographs at the time of the arrangement conference and the Video Tribute will be available for the Visitation, Wake, or Funeral Service. With this service you will also receive DVD copies for remembrance in years to come. Additional copies may also be purchased.

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